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What Are The Benefits Of Jumping Rope For Kids?

jumping rope.jpgWhat are the benefits of jumping rope for kids?

Let children love sports from childhood.

When baby is about 4 years old, and mom can teach children to skip rope. Jumping rope is one of the typical bounce activities. It is very beneficial for children. Children who are fond of jumping sports are not only developing well, they are healthy and their intelligence is improved.


1. Jumping rope can improve the heart-lung capability.

Jumping rope can accelerate blood circulation and improve the function of heart and lung function and respiratory system.  It can Accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and metabolism. The muscles in the main parts of the body are also being exercised and the bones are growing rapidly. The physical strength increases. Body becomes strong. And The mood will become better.

2. Jumping rope can promote the brain growing together.

Jumping rope requires four limbs, hands and feet, wrist, shoulder and rhythm to cooperate with each other, which can promote the growth of brain and can Cultivate baby's balance, coordination, agility, rhythm, endurance and explosive power. At the same time, holding the rope, the string will stimulate the thumb point. The two feet are constantly in contact with the ground, stimulated the pituitary gland, enhanced the vitality of brain cells, and improved the ability of thinking and imagination.

3. Jumping rope can help child Understand the concept of Number.

Teaching child to count while jumping rope. Associating abstract Numbers with actual things. Abstract memory is transformed into image memory. It can help children to understand the actual meaning of Number, the form of Number, and improve memory.

4. Jumping rope can burn unwanted fats.

If baby is overweight, jumping rope can help him burn off excess fat. Because, in the amount of exercise, every minute, 120 -140 times, an hour can burn 600 -1000 calories. If baby stick to it every day, the results will be seen soon. Also, jumping rope does not require too much space and operate easily.