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What Are The Benefits Of DIY Toys For Children?

What are the benefits of DIY toys for children?


1.Develop self-confidence

When children want to complete a hand make work independently, they not only should use their hands, but also use their brain. There are a lot of problems with children in this process. It's also a form of perseverance, if they can finish it. Parents should give praise and affirmation to your child to build confidence, when they finish it.


2. Cultivate the observation ability

Child usually do some daily simple things. It depends on how often children observe the various things in daily life. If the child observes carefully, then the things that come out will be vivid. And they will pay more attention to detail changes. As time grows, children naturally develop the habit of paying attention to the things around them.


3. Cultivate creativity

A lot of times when children are made by hand, teachers provide pictures or modeling of things first to guide the child to think about it and reactivate the enthusiasm. Let the child play his own imagination and create the things in his mind. Such hand make not only exercises the children's manual ability, but also has a good training for children's creativity.


4. Cultivate children's practical ability

Diy toys not only depends on the creative ability of the child's mind, but also enables the child to put the creative ability into practice. Move to real life and use your own hands to accomplish this creation. For children, it's the best way to develop a child's independence. From the original design, the creation to the later planning, production, is to rely on the children to do a little bit by themselves. It’s a good training for children.


5. Make life fun

Nowadays many families are only children, and children seldom have playmates-it is inevitable that they will be lonely. There are plenty of toys at home, but there's nothing can get them  interested. Whenever the child is idle, say to the child, "come, let's do some manual work." Hearing this, the child will suddenly become excited and go to find the tools to use, and ask, "what are you doing today?" .


Children's hand making is the improvement of the overall comprehensive ability of children. It is not easy for children to finish a piece of handmade work independently. Because it cultivates the coordination and comprehensive ability of children's abilities. Let the child play with the mind. Its the purpose of the real education.