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What Are The Benefits Of Building Blocks For Children?

building block.jpgWhat Are The benefits Of Building Blocks For Children?

1. Process visual input through some actions. Good hand touch and eye coordination are also good for general bodys coordination and balance.

2. Creativity and imagination play a role in stimulating children to try new ideas and help them develop a new way of thinking and finding solutions.

3. Conducive to the development of "spatial intelligence". The children study the layout and structure in the process of toy building, which helps them to grasp the shape of objects, identify spatial orientation, and grasp two-dimensional and three-dimensional space and its transformation.

4. Help children learn to draw conclusions by reasoning,

5. Including mathematics, logical reasoning, scientific analysis and other forms of thinking. In the process of growing up, children need this ability to carry out effective statistics, measurement, reasoning, induction, analysis, etc.