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What Advantages Of Toys For Kid’s Growth?

1. Baby toys can motivate children's activities

The physical and mental development of children is realized in activities. Toys can be free for children to play with, manipulate and use, according with the child's psychological interest and ability level. It can satisfy the needs of their activities and improve their enthusiasm.  For example, "rocking horse" toys, children will naturally ride on, back and forth, meeting their activity requirements, and making them have a positive and pleasant mood, so that they will not tire of playing.  Also like "doll" toy, can cause children to do many kinds of activities. Children of all ages according to their own life experience, can use dolls to make games from simple to complex.

2. Baby toys can enhance perceptual knowledge

The toy has the characteristic of the visual image, the child can touch, take, listen, blow, look, the training that is beneficial to all kinds of senses. For example, color sets, blow plastic toys, various dolls and toy animals are benefit for visual training. Octave bear, small pianos, tambourines, and small spines can train their hearing. Building blocks, and structural models can develop spatial perception. Various jigsaw puzzles, Mosaic toys, soft plastic toys, etc. can exercise the feeling of touch. The development of sports sense can be helped by the pull of a duck car, a wheelbarrow, a tricycle, and two wheelers. The toy can develop feeling and athletic ability. It not only enriches the perceptual knowledge of the child, but also helps to consolidate the impression that children acquire in life. When children are not exposed to real life, they know the world through toys.

3. Baby toys can arouse children's association activities

Toys, like the hospital sets and the family play toys, can cause young children to think about hospitals and families, and encourage young children to play creative role games. Some toys of labor tools can cause children to plant trees, dig rivers, and other simulated labor activities. Some toys are specially used for thinking training, such as all kinds of chess game, various kinds of intellectual toys, can improve children's analysis, comprehensive, comparison, judgment, reasoning ability, cultivating depth, flexibility and agility of thinking.

4. Active thinking, imagination and other activities

And show it through the hands or other activities of the body. Play "molding" toys, children should conceive and imagine, to achieve the purpose of the choice of materials. When you do it,  you also need to thinking. Children have some difficulties in playing with toys. These difficulties require that they must rely on their own strength to overcome, and insist on completing the task, thus cultivating the superior quality of overcoming difficulties.

5. It is helpful to cultivate the collective concept and spirit of cooperation.

Some toys are required to be used by children together. Such as phone toy, you have to have  both sides of the conversation, and even a paging person. It requires kids to practice how to cooperate with their partners. Also like long jumping rope toys, it requires a lot of children to jumping collective. Children in the long rope game, coordinate each other's movements, which enhanced the collective idea.