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Toys For 3 Year Old Kids

What toys are suitable for 3-year-old kids?

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1. 3 year old kids are lacking of coordination. Therefore, parents should choose toys that promote action development for their children. Such as big ball, wheelbarrow, tricycle, those can help the child get the whole body movement in the activity, makeing his movement coordinated development. 


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2. Children of 3 years old have obvious arbitrariness and emotional characteristics. Children have poor self-control and lack of purpose.  Therefore, the toys chosen for 3-year-old children must be brightly colored, beautiful and vivid, so as to arouse children's interest and attract children to play actively. 

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3. Children of three years of age still rely on the direct perception of things, and they know things by their color, shape, sound, etc.  Therefore, at this age, parents can choose some toys for their children to focus on developing sensory perception. Like bright colours, difference of color ring, ball, color set of dishes, all kinds of dolls, toy animals,  and electric toys which can make all kinds of sounds. The child can fully perceive and repeatedly recognize the color, sound, shape, size, spatial contrast and material characteristics of objects, so that the child can master the sensory standards and the language expression methods.

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4. The cognitive development of 3-year-old children also retains considerable intuitive thinking components. During this period, children's small muscle group development is not perfect, hand and  eye coordination ability is poor. Therefore, the toys that parents choose for their children should be able to see and be able to do, so that the children can use their hands freely, and develop their ability to open, close, cover, wear, knock, and remove. For example, pile beds, beads, buckets, thread boards, small puzzles, matching toys, etc.