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Hot EDC Toys Of Those Years

After finger spinner swept the world, EDC (carry items every day) toys came into the people's vision once again. In fact, we are no stranger to the EDC toys, such as finger spinner, yoyo ball, cube and so on. Since the nineties of the last century, with the continuous improvement of the domestic economic level, and the rising power consumption, parents are willing to buy toys for children. Children have their own pocket money to buy toys. A variety of explosive toy appeared in the market. Here are varieties of hot EDC toys from different age.

1.Finger spinner:

                  Finger spinner

2.Mini 4WD:

                 Mini 4WD



4.Yoyo Ball: 

                Yoyo Ball



6.Shooting Car:

              Shooting Car

7.Rainbow Spring:

Rainbow Spring

8.Sticky Hand:

              Sticky Hand

9.Altman Egg:

               Altman Egg

10.Space Bubble:

                Space Bubble